The project for this course will be developing a marketing plan for a New Product Development (NPD) idea.  The assignment project will be a proposal describing your New Product Development (NPD) idea.ProposalThe proposal must include 1 page describing the New Product Development (NPD) idea.The proposal document must illustrate the two following ideas:Consumer problem to be solved/gains to be providedNature of the proposed solutionThe document must elaborate on the feasibility of the proposed solution, as well as a brief summary of available alternatives.The final plan should illustrate the following points:Consumer problem to be solved/gains to be providedNature of the proposed solutionPositioning statementDetails on a target market and market segmentationMarket analysisSWOT analysisDetails on competing products or servicesDiscussions on differentiation from competitiondiscussion on market trends based on researchNew product development process summaryDetails on the process used to develop this hypothetical productDiscussion on how concept/product could be testedMarketing strategyProvide an overview of the planned marketing and advertising strategyProvide more specific details and discussions ononeof the following:Integrated marketing communication planLogistics and distribution to include reverse logistics

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