Psychological Manipulation Attempt Django Unchained Film Analysis

For your final assignments, view one of the following film::

Django Unchained (2012: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)

This film is available on streaming resources like Amazon, YouTube and Netflix either free depending on your service agreement or for under $4. May be available free of charge on sites that will intersperse advertising; but you will have to locate based on your comfort with advertising interruptions.

One you have viewed film, Answer the following questions in essay format.

1. Select an individual who was the target of a negotiation and describe the psychological manipulation attempt from that individual’s perspective. Identify and describe the reactions using terminology that we discussed in class. In addition, describe the expected outcomes – based on course readings, especially in terms of deception and influence strategies- and the actual reported outcomes in the film. Don’t forget to identify the individuals and the appropriate scenes which you are referencing.

2. Prepare your selected character’s BATNA (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement. It is likely you will see more than one. Describe each of them carefully.

3. Describe how the stakes of the negotiation impacted the main negotiator’s strategy. For this question, select a negotiator, describe the situation and the stakes/outcomes involved in the negotiation. How effective was this person? What were the strategies employed? How effective were they? And, how did the negotiator adapt to the circumstances and ongoing negotiation?

4. How does culture play a role in the film in terms of the negotiations? What element of culture do you see as having the most critical impact on the outcomes?

You may reference material as needed and gather additional data from research. Be cognizant of the fact that external data – that is material available on web sites or in other articles – are not as central as the material that we have discussed in the course and the readings you have done, particularly with Getting to Yes. The best responses will stay focused on our material.

Consider each question as worth 10 points. None of the essay questions (1,3,4) can be resolved in yes/no format or in simple sentences. They will require some reflection on your part as you consider the films. There is no minimum or maximum word length. In the past, the more involved questions have been answered in about 800 words. The second question can be answered in sentences with bullet points.

Use APA formatting in your references if needed. Use online sources for references. Submit your paper in Word format.

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