Psychology Assignment

There was a guest speaker talking about (TAMI).  Reflect on the information from the presentation to answer the following questions:

1. Provide a BRIEF summary of the details that you found most interesting and/or informative about the presentation (about 200 words)

2. Discuss if these ideas connected with any concepts discussed in class and/or information from the media (about 200 words)

3. Did the guest speaker make you feel differently about their topic? Why or why not? Is there anything else you would like to learn about the topic? (about 150 words)

(( I couldn’t attend the presentation but here is a brief summary about it and you can do a bit of a research to fill the gaps. ))


Talking About Mental Illness is a mental health and anti-stigma awareness campaign.

The primary goals are:

*   To educate students about mental illness (the age group between 15 – 24 is at highest risk for the appearance of severe mental illness)

*   To raise awareness about the discrimination and prejudice that people with mental illness experience

*   To encourage students who are beginning to experience symptoms of mental illness to seek assistance

*   To increase awareness about mental health services in the local community

here is a brief summary about it and you can do a bit of a research .

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