Psychology Book Report Criteria

Psychology  Book Report Criteria


*Elkind,David,  Hurried Child: Growing up Too Fast Too Soon (BF 723 .S75 E44 2001)

Your book report must be a minimum of three pages double spaced typewritten to a maximum of five pages double spaced typewritten.

Your book report must follow these strict guidelines to receive the highest possible grade.  Failure to comply with any of the following will result in a loss of points.

 In the first part of the book report, you should give a summary of the book.  This summary should contain information about the problem(s) that the book addresses. It should discuss the underlying etiology (causes) of the problem or illness.  In addition, it should mention the author’s approach to addressing the problem such as a behavioral, psychoanalytic, humanistic, cognitive, or epigenetic approach.  Furthermore, if the author uses a combination of approaches such as humanistic and behavioral, then you should indicate that in your summary. In addition, for the problem which the book addresses, what is the prognosis.  For example, if the book is about depression, what is the prognosis for those who are depressed.  What is the recommended method of treatment?  How long does it take for the symptoms to abate?   Also, what kinds of psychologists seem to be best equipped to deal with this problem/illness?  You could respond to this by indicating clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, organizational psychologists, educational psychologists, or school psychologists.

The second part of your book report should contain a personal reaction to the book.  For example, do you know anyone who has the mental illness or social problem which the book describes?  How do you feel about them now that you have read this particular book?  Do you believe that your relationship with them can change and that the changes will help them get better?  What can you do differently when encountering people who have this problem?  How can you use the information in the book to help others around you understand the people who have this illness or problem better?  What strategies does the book offer for loved ones and relatives to use in addressing the problem?

The concluding part should discuss how reading this book has changed you personally.  Any anecdotal stories that you want to share to emphasize your point of view will enhance the personal aspect.

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