Psychology competencies in physician assistant career


At Capella University, courses are designed around carefully-selected course competencies that directly relate to program outcomes. These are competencies and outcomes that will support your work as a psychology professional in the field. As you review the course competencies and the program outcomes from the Unit 1 studies, think about how they relate to professional work in the field.

Referring back to the career that you selected for the first discussion in Unit 1, describe how the course competencies for this course and the program outcomes for the undergraduate psychology program will apply to your work as a professional in that career. Provide specific examples of how some of these competencies and outcomes will be valuable to your work as you understand it.


  • After posting your main post, be sure to respond to at least two learners’ posts during the week. Please note that to earn full credit for your discussion, you must participate on two separate days and post a minimum of one reply on each of those two days. Comment on themes raised in the posts of other learners, and pose questions to move the discussion forward.
  • How did your experience compare with theirs? What similarities or differences are there in the recommendations you have?


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