Psychology – I Need An Expert In Psychology Or Paper Summary


Your introduction should be roughly one page and will introduce your reader to your topic. Discuss a current event or a real-world problem that you think needs to be addressed. Be sure to identify which specific area of psychology the issue is related to, using key terms and theories learned in the PSY 101 course. Also, at the end of this section, inform your reader that in this paper, you will review three articles that are related to your topic, and then you will make recommendations for how to apply research findings to solve the issue.


Your articles must be from the PSYC Info or PSYCH Articles database that you can access from the BCCC library website. These articles must be peer reviewed and related to psychology (not some other discipline like political science). For each article, you should type a literature review that is approximately one page in length. Your article review/summary should be written in well-developed paragraphs (do NOT include bullets as I have done here) that include the following information:

·         What was the article about? Briefly state the topic of the article.

·         Summarize some of the key points from the introduction section of the article.

·         What variables did they study?

·         What research method did they use?

·         Describe the results of the study.

·         How can the results be applied to the issue presented in your research report?


Type a brief header for article 2 here

·                     Type your review of article 2 here. Follow the instructions above regarding how to review the article. This section does not need to start on a new page. It should begin immediately following the review for article 1. Make sure that for each article review, you do not include direct quotes. Instead, you should paraphrase and include citations in the body of your paper. Each source cited in the body of your paper must appear in the reference list at the end.


Type a brief header for article 3 here

·                     Right below your review for article 2, begin your review of article 3 here. Follow the instructions above regarding how to review the article.



In this section, you will explain how the research you reviewed can be applied to solving your real-world issue. You should have an idea of how to apply the research simply from reading the discussion section of each article. The authors typically indicate how their findings might be used in a practical way. When referencing the authors’ recommendations, be sure to use in-text citations. In addition, you are encouraged to be creative and think of new/additional ways to apply what you have learned. This section should end with a conclusion that summarizes the entire paper.




The References page is the last page on your paper. This should be a new page and the word References should appear at the top of the page. The title should also be centered.

Only include works used in paper on your works cited page and each work should be listed alphabetically by last name.

Delete the text below the word References and start typing in your citations here using the APA style. Notice that if the citation takes up more than one line, the remaining lines in the citation are indented by ½ an inch. This is called a hanging indent. Please consult the BCCC Library’s handout on creating your references.

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