Psychology Term Paper

6-8 pages, scholarly works cited with works cited page.

Requirements for the Term Paper Psychology 209:  Life Cycle Development  TOPIC:  The topic of the paper must be related to one of the issues discussed in the area of human  life cycle development.    RESEARCH: (1) The student needs to propose a theme or an argument for this paper and explain how                           the chosen topic reflects, or is related to, an important issue in the area of human life    cycle development. (2) Your paper must address one of these two Student Learning    Outcomes:  (a) Identify the specific genetic and environmental influences (such as   socio-economic status, gender, race, ethnicity, English language learners, special   needs, culture, religion, schools, media, peers, and family) on physical, cognitive,   social, and emotional development. (b) Describe variables underlying socio-   economic status, racial, ethnic, and gender differences in lifespan development  The student is expected to do some original literature research, which means the student cannot simply quote studies reported in a textbook or someone else’s paper (even though they can serve as good leads for your own research).  The student is expected to read and summarize two original research psychology journal articles, published within the last 15 years, on a topic chosen by the student.  The references should be listed in the References section at the end of the paper (on a separate page), following the APA  format.  The best place to find peer-reviewed articles for your paper is through HACC’s eLibary:  You can go to:   Library   Find : Articles & Databases   “PsycArticles” or “ProQuest” or “PsycINFO”, etc.  (You will need to enter your HACC id and PIN at this point.).  In PsycArticles, you should “Limit Your Results” by selecting “Full text”, and “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.  HACC’s eLibrary also has a psychology guide for psychology students:    You will find the APA format information under the “APA Citations” tab.   LENGTH & FORMAT: The paper must be typed, double-spaced, and at least 6 pages in length (not counting the  cover page and References page, but no more than 8 pages).  The print font used should be either size 10 or size 12.  The margins on all four sides should be one inch.   The general organization of the paper and the citations of references should follow the APA format (copy of APA Manual is available in our library).  In the APA format, the paper should consist of sections such as synopsis, method, results, and discussion. These sections (except synopsis) should be clearly labeled, and follow the right sequence.  Please see the sample outline on p.2.  In the final Discussion section of the paper, the student is expected to summarize the two studies cited, evaluate the findings, state your own views/suggestions, and draw some conclusions, which should be relevant to the theme of your paper.  DUE DATE: Specified in the course syllabus, to be submitted to Dropbox on D2L.                            No late paper will be accepted.

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