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Answer to these questions, no APA style. (3 complete paragraphs required)1.Visit one article that catches your attention and that you are interested in, and give your opinions on the article( 2-3 paragraphs.)2.SHRM HR Magazine – June_July 2017.pdfClick on the PDF file above.Read the question submitted to the SHRM Knowledge Advisor.Give your opinion on the subject; think about your workplace today or one you have worked in sometime in the past; how would you personally handle a request like the scenario given?3.William Proctor and James Gamble started a small family operated soap and candle company in 1837. Today, the P&G community consists of nearly 98,000 people working in almost 80 countries worldwide and provides products and services of superior quality and value to consumers in 140 countries. With values of leadership, integrity, trust, ownership, and passion for winning, P&G believes that its employees are its most important asset.Visit is the career site for Proctor & Gamble.Spend some time navigating through their career site, also visit the links on the bottom “Our Hiring Process” “Students” and “Our Brands”Under their “Student” page ( Explore some of the career areas, and view some of the posted videos. ( was your opinion on their overall recruitment strategy? Identify and select a job function of your interest. What skills and qualifications are required for the job of your choice? What career path does the organization offer? Is this of interest to you and would you consider working for P&G? Explain.4.Organizational turnover is generally considered a negative outcome, and many organizations spend a great deal of time and money trying to reduce it.  What situations would indicate that an increase in turnover might be just what an organization needs?Given the difficulty of terminating employees, what organizational policies might promote the retention of high-performing workers but promote voluntary turnover among low performers?5.What is Job Crafting and Why does it Matter?Read the case study on Job Crafting what you thought of the case and the pros and cons of using job crafting. Have you personally engaged in job crafting? What opportunities do you have to craft your own job in  a positive way?

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