1. The Family and Medical Leave Act permits employees in firms of 100 or more employees to take up to 12 weeks of paid leave for family or medical reasons.TrueFalseQuestion 2. . An agency shop is a union security arrangement whereby employees must pay union dues to the certified bargaining unit even if they choose not to join the union.TrueFalseQuestion 3.  A defined benefit plan is a retirement program that pays retiring employees a fixed retirement income based on average earnings over a period of time.TrueFalseQuestion 4. Three of the most typical dichotomies of rewards are: intrinsic versus extrinsic rewards, financial versus non financial rewards, and performance-based versus membership-based rewards.TrueFalseQuestion 5. The Fair Labor Standards Act established laws outlining minimum wage, overtime pay, and maximum hour requirement for most U.S. workers.TrueFalseQuestion 6. The Privacy Act of 1974 requires federal government agencies to make available information in an individual’s personnel file.TrueFalseQuestion 7.. Any organizational guarantee or promise about job security may constitute an implied employment contract.TrueFalseQuestion 8. In the United States, employees average 10 paid holidays per year.TrueFalseQuestion 9.Most organizations conduct their own compensation surveys rather than relying on outside information.TrueFalseQuestion 10. The beginning of equal employment opportunity is usually attributed to the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.TrueFalseQuestion 11.The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971 requires an employer to notify job candidates of its intent to check into their credit.TrueFalseQuestion 12. The cost of employee benefits to organizations has remained stable over the last thirty years.TrueFalseQuestion 13. Companies employing 50 or more employees are required to give employees 30 days notice when closing down a plant or laying off large numbers of workers.TrueFalseQuestion 14. The National Labor Relations Act is commonly referred to as the Taft-Hartley Act.TrueFalseQuestion 15. Transportation is the least unionized private sector of the U.S. workforce.TrueFalseQuestion 16. Job evaluation is the process whereby an organization systematically establishes its compensation program.TrueFalseQuestion 17. Intrinsic rewards are rewards one gets from the employer, usually money, a promotion, or benefits.TrueFalseQuestion 18. An activity whereby a company keeps informed of its employees’ activities is called employee assessment.TrueFalseQuestion 19.Social Security is an example of a voluntary benefit.TrueFalseQuestion 20. Grievance procedures are usually designed to have disputes resolved at the lowest level possible in an organization.TrueFalseQuestion 21. Which of the following is a legal BFOQ?Airline flight attendants must be female.Airline pilots must be male.Airline baggage handlers must have a college degree.Education level may be used as a selection factor when hiring college professors.Washroom attendants must be the same gender as the washroom designation.Question 22. Which of the following is not true regarding workforce diversity in the United States?Differences are increasingly recognized and celebrated in organizations.Minority and female applicants have become the fastest-growing segments of the workforce over the last 30 years.Firms increasingly establish policies that consider various work styles.As globalization becomes more pronounced, so does the importance of managing workforce diversity for U.S. organizations.Accommodating the needs of minority and female employees is less and less amajor responsibility for managers.Question 23. 23. Research studies suggest that (Points : 2)honesty tests are not reliable.honesty tests are very expensive to administer.a small number of companies in the United States are using honesty tests to screen applicants.honesty tests can be effective devices to screen applicants.honesty tests are not valid.Question 24. 24. What is roughly the proportion of all U.S. organizations using some form of drug testing? (Points : 2)10%15%One-fourthHalfTwo-thirdsQuestion 25. 25. Larry, confined to a wheelchair since his accident, has been denied a job as a data clerk because the workstations are too small to accommodate his wheelchair. Can he sue under the ADA? (Points : 2)Yes. This is a clear instance of adverse impact.No. Data clerks are expected to work in tight quarters.Yes. This is a clear violation of reasonable accommodation.No. The correct law in this case is the EEOC.Yes. Title VIII specifically addresses Larry’s situation.Question 26. 26. A large university has 40 campuses around the state. Each site has courses taught, but the HRM functions of hiring, recruiting, and benefits are all done from a single campus location. This situation is an example of ___. (Points : 2)shared servicesoutsourcingoffshoringtelecommutingtechnology shiftQuestion 27. 27. B.W. works for a tech manufacturer. He attends monthly meetings with managers and co-workers to evaluate labor-saving ideas. Last year, the group came up with a scrap salvage procedure that saved the company a million dollars. Each employee received $1000. What kind of compensation system is used? (Points : 2)Scanlon PlanEmpowermentMerit payPieceworkTime-saving bonusQuestion 28. 28. Which of the following piece of legislation provides for continued employee benefits up to three years after an employee leaves a job? (Points : 2)COBRAHMOHIPPAERISAPPOQuestion 29. 29. Which of the following is not a legally required benefit? (Points : 2)Health insuranceSocial SecurityUnemployment compensationWorkers’ compensationUnpaid family and medical leaveQuestion 30. 30. David conducts new employee orientation for a large organization. His work is within which basic HRM function? (Points : 2)ManagementMotivationCareer planningHRISTraining and developmentQuestion 31. 31. Sonia is a compensation analyst for a large government agency. She reviews grades that have been established by skills, knowledge, and abilities. What job evaluation method is Sonia using? (Points : 2)ClassificationOrderingPoint methodRankingBARSQuestion 32. 32. Karl, a router, tried to organize a union in his nonunion western clothing shop. A year and a half ago a vote rejected unionization. Now he has secured authorization cards signed by 100 of the 1000 workers. What else does he need to do before having another union election? (Points : 2)Nothing. He’s good to go.Get signatures on the validation certification form as union security before the election.Wait. NLRB will hold an election only every 3 years.Get more signatures.The signatures are the election process. He only needs to register with the appropriate union.Question 33. 33. Which of the following is not a law affecting employee rights? (Points : 2)The Privacy ActThe Drug-Free Workplace ActThe Fair Credit Reporting ActThe Fairness in Employment ActThe Polygraph Protection ActQuestion 34. 34. Which Supreme Court case made invalid any test or diploma requirements that disqualified African Americans at a substantially higher rate than whites if the differentiation could not be proved job related? (Points : 2)Griggs v. Duke Power.Washington v. Davis.Wyant v. Jackson Board of Education.U.S. v. Paradise.Wards Cove Packing Company v. Antonio.Question 35. 35. Dwayne worked for a 500-employee manufacturer in the rust belt. The company closed his plant with no advance notice to employees as it failed and applied for bankruptcy. He showed up for work one Monday and saw a sign on the fence announcing the plant closing and the bankruptcy. What protection is Dwayne given under W.A.R.N.? (Points : 2)No protection. W.A.R.N. doesn’t apply in the case of bankruptcy.Dwayne will receive an amount of money equal to 60 days’ pay and benefits.No protection. The company was too small.Dwayne will receive a job and relocation expenses to another plant site.No protection. W.A.R.N. only applies to partial layoffs.Question 36. 36. Which of the following is not a type of defined contribution plan? (Points : 2)Roth IRAsMoney purchase pension plan.A summary plan description401(k)sIndividual retirement accountsQuestion 37. 37. Work process engineering is: (Points : 2)another name for downsizing.another name for rightsizing.a continuous improvement method that radically increases an organization’s productivity.an organizational commitment to incrementally improving the quality of products and services.a radical change in an organization.Question 38. 38. Discipline should be immediate, provide ample warning, be consistent, and be impersonal. This statement describes which disciplinary rule? (Points : 2)Hot stove ruleProgressive disciplineEmployee assistanceSeverity of infractionErgonomicsQuestion 39. 39. The Wagner Act established which of the following? (Points : 2)Railroad inspectionsWage and hour lawEmployee complaint proceduresThe National Labor Relations BoardFederal labor unionsQuestion 40. 40. A situation in which an employee notifies authorities of wrongdoing in an organization is called __________________________. (Points : 2)Progressive discipline.Honesty assessment.Workplace security reviewEmployee monitoring.Whistle-blowingQuestion 41. 41. Which of these quality experts began continuous improvement in Japanese industries? (Points : 2)Lee IacoccaW. Edwards DemingBarry BondsAndrew CarnegieJason EliotQuestion 42. 42. Two U.S. government agencies are primarily responsible for enforcing equal employment opportunity laws. They are: (Points : 2)The U.S. Office of Employment Effectiveness and the Bureau of National Legal Enforcement.The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.The Bureau of National Legal Enforcement and the National Employment Bureau d) The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and the National Employment Bureau.e) The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the National Employment Bureau.Question 43. 43. Your neighbor, Dwayne, hasn’t worked in the past five years. He fell from a truck at work and hurt his back and leg. He draws 60% of his salary. Under what benefit plan is Dwayne covered? (Points : 2)WellnessKeoughJordanShort-term disabilityLong-term disabilityQuestion 44. 44. How many times are substance abusers more likely to miss work than employees who are not substance abusers? (Points : 2)Twice5 times10 times20 times30 timesQuestion 45. 45. Which of the following is not stated as an unfair union labor practice for unions under the Taft-Hartley Act? (Points : 2)Restrain or coerce employees in joining the union or coerce the employer in selecting bargaining or grievance representativesDiscriminate against an employee to whom the union membership has been denied or to cause an employer to discriminate against an employeeEngage in strikes and boycotts for purposes deemed illegal by the actCollective BargainingObtain compensation for services not performed or not to be performedQuestion 46. 46. Today, the percentage of women in the United States that hold senior management positions are: (Points : 2)50%29%23%15%Question 47. 47. HR professionals are confronted with all of the challenges that accompany a recession except: (Points : 2)LayoffsRetraining employeesChange in benefitsMorale amongst employeesThe ability to attract and hire better qualified peopleQuestion 48. 48. HRM typically provides which of these types of training to temporary employees? (Points : 2)Retirement planningBenefits optionsOrientationCareer planning and managementTechnology certificationQuestion 49. 49. The Fair Labor Standards Act covers which of these categories? (Points : 2)Prevailing wageChild laborReasonable accommodationRankingGlass ceilingQuestion 50. 50. Which of the following is not classified as an on-the-job behavior type of disciplinary problem? (Points : 2)Gross insubordinationWage garnishmentSexually harassing another employeeLoafingHorseplayQuestion 51. 51. Ted, an HR executive, is attending a conference. Topics include specific mentoring assignments for potential executive candidates, job options that enhance promotion potential for traditionally underrepresented candidates, and the value of diversity at all levels of an organization. What is the conference focus? (Points : 2)Comparable worthGlass ceilingAdverse impactWork equivalenciesDisparate impactQuestion 52. 52. Which of the following sectors has the highest union membership? (Points : 2)AgricultureConstructionGovernmentWholesale TradeMiningQuestion 53. 53. Which of the following is not an external influence that affects HRM? (Points : 2)Labor unionsLaws and regulationsJob designDynamic environmentTechnologyQuestion 54. 54. International compensation packages, referred to as a balance sheet, contain all of the following categories except (Points : 2)Base pay.Differentials.Incentives.Assistance programs.Golden parachute.Question 55. 55. A security company instituted a 5’10’’ height requirement as a condition of employment for security guards. Such a height requirement is likely to create: (Points : 2)a disparate treatment.an adverse impact.a bona fide occupational impact.a reverse discrimination effect.a reverse treatment effect.Question 56. 56. Which of the following best describes the Landrum-Griffin Act? (Points : 2)Act that was introduced to protect union members from possible wrongdoing on the part of their unions.Amended the Wagner Act by addressing employers’ concerns in terms of specifying unfair union labor practices.Law passed to eliminate any influence on unions by members of organized crime.Replaced the Executive Order 11491 as the basic law governing labor relations for federal employees.Gave employees the right to form and join unions and to engage in collective bargaining.Question 57. 57. Which of the following is not a reason why employees join unions? (Points : 2)Higher wages and benefitsGreater job securityGreater individual incentivesInfluence over work rulesCompulsory membershipQuestion 58. 58. Which of the following is a non-exempt employee under the FLSA? (Points : 2)A lawyer in a large corporationA general manager in a manufacturing companyA health aide in a hospitalA middle level executive in a bankAn accountant in a pharmaceutical companyQuestion 59. 59. Ethics refers to: (Points : 2)a set of rules or principles that defines what is legal and what is illegal.a set of rules or principles that defines right and wrong conduct.a situation in which decisions are made based on religious rules or principles.a situation in which individuals make decisions based primarily on their best interest.a situation in which individuals make decisions based primarily on the best interest of the most economically disadvantaged individuals.Question 60. 60. Shameka is the new compensation manager of a large manufacturing company. She is currently redesigning the pay structure. She wants to be able to break down jobs based on identifiable factors and the degree to which these criteria exist on the different jobs in her company. What job evaluation method should Shameka use? (Points : 2)Classification methodPoint methodOrdering methodRanking methodBroad-banding methodQuestion 61. 61. Which of following early management theorist was a forerunner of today’s teamwork concept? (Points : 2)Elton MayoMary Parker FolletHugo MunsterbergFrederick TaylorW. Edwards DemingQuestion 62. 62. Workplace romances could lead to all of the following except: (Points : 2)Breeches of ethicsAccusations of favoritismHigh employee moraleLow productivityWorkplace violenceQuestion 63. 63. In Germany, employees have ________ paid holidays. (Points : 2)15710920Question 64. 64. Which of the following is not a management function? (Points : 2)PlanningOrganizingDownsizingLeadingControllingQuestion 65. 65. Company XYZ used a cognitive ability test to select job applicants for software designer positions. There were 60 male candidates and 30 female candidates. It appeared that 40 men passed the cognitive ability test and 10 women passed the test. Was there an adverse impact against female candidates with this test? (Points : 2)No, because the passing rate of the female candidates (1/3) is more than 40% of the passing rate of the male candidates (2/3).No, because a passing rate of 25% (1/3) for the female candidates is reasonably close to that of the male candidates (2/3).No, because the cognitive ability test may not be valid.Yes, because the passing rate of the female candidates (1/3) is less than 80% of the passing rate of the male candidates (2/3).No, because the lower passing rate for women is an example of disparate treatment and not an example of adverse impact.Question 66. 66. Sharifa, the new chief financial officer of a Fortune 500 company, was likely located through the following source? (Points : 2)WebsumesLocal newspaperPublic agencyheadhunter firmMonster.comQuestion 67. 67. Although there is no standard format for job descriptions, a common format for a job de3scription includes all of the following except: (Points : 2)Job salaryJob identificationJob specificationsJob duties or essential functionsJob TitleQuestion 68. 68. During a meeting Julandre, a top executive at XYZ, Inc. made a presentation about the organizational strengths that represent the firm’s unique skills and resources. Julandre insisted that these organizational strengths should give XYZ, Inc, a competitive edge in the future. What was Julandre referring to in this meeting? (Points : 2)The mission statement of the company.The strategic statement of the company.The strategic planning process of the company.The core strategy of the company.The core competency of the company.Question 69. 69. Which of the following best describes burnout? (Points : 2)Expectations that are difficult to reconcile or achieve.When an employee is not sure what work to do.When an employee is expected to do more than time permits.Chronic and long-term stressA dynamic condition in which an individual confronts an opportunity, constraint, or demand related to a desire and perceives the outcome both uncertain and important.Question 70. 70. Which of the following best describes role conflicts? (Points : 2)Expectations that are difficult to reconcile or achieve.When an employee is not sure what work to do.When an employee is expected to do more than time permits.When employees use their organization’s Internet access during work hours to surf non-job related websites as to send or receive and read personal emails.A dynamic condition in which an individual confronts an opportunity, constraint, or demand related to a desire and perceives the outcome both uncertain and important.Question 71. 71. Repetitive stress injuries account for nearly _________ of annual workplace illnesses from headaches, swollen feet, back pain, or nerve damage. (Points : 2)10%20%40%60%70%Question 72. 72. Which of the following is a psychological symptom of stress? (Points : 2)Increased anxietyMore relaxed stateHeightened attention to detailIncreased smokingHigher blood pressureQuestion 73. 73. Last month the OSHA inspector in a parakeet food processing plant “red-flagged” a production area for an old and faulty mixing machine. Yesterday the machine exploded, blowing the contents all over the room. Fortunately, the incident occurred during the shift change, and no one was injured. The plant has had numerous record keeping violations in the past. What OSHA penalty can this firm expect? (Points : 2)The firm will be fined a maximum of $70,000 per day until the situation is corrected.No penalty since no one died.The shift supervisor will be fired.No penalty if the firm promises to keep accurate records from now on.Criminal charges will be filed against top management.Question 74. 74. Which of the following states the minimum acceptable qualifications that the incumbent must possess to perform the job successfully? (Points : 2)Job descriptionJob analysisJob-morphingJob specificationSWOT analysisQuestion 75. 75. Which of the following is not an external source of job candidates? (Points : 2)Employment agenciesUnsolicited applicationsEmployee referralsBlind-box adProfessional organizationsQuestion 76. 76. Which of the following is the government agency that researches and sets OSHA standards? (Points : 2)ERISANOSHANIOSHMSDEEOCQuestion 77. 77. A crack in the cooling tower of a nuclear facility is emitting green steam. OSHA inspectors were called for which level of priority? (Points : 2)Random inspectionTargeted inspectionEmployee complaintPotential accidentImminent dangerQuestion 78. 78. Jamie is the director of recruiting for a large corporation. Which of the following is a warning signal that her efforts are not effective? (Points : 2)Recruiting costs have decreased 2% over the last 10 years.65% of resumes were received through the Internet last year.The applicant pool is increasingly diverse.Fewer qualified applicants are applying for jobs.Fewer unqualified applicants are applying for jobs.Question 79. 79. Youan, a recruiter, is trying to identify the different constraints that may impact his recruiting efforts. Which of the following is not a major constraint on recruiting efforts? (Points : 2)Organization imageJob attractivenessMarketing mixGovernment influenceInternal organizational policiesQuestion 80. 80. Which of the following is not a step in a job analysis process? (Points : 2)Understand the purpose of the job analysis.Understand the roles of jobs in the organization.Benchmark positions.Determine the pay level of jobs.Determine how to collect job analysis information.Question 81. 81. In OD, intergroup development is used to build cohesion within work groups. (Points : 1)TrueFalseQuestion 82. 82. Employee involvement is being phased out in most organizations that are competitive in the 21st century. (Points : 1)TrueFalseQuestion 83. 83. Organizational development is the part of HRM that addresses system wide change in the organization. (Points : 1)TrueFalseQuestion 84. 84. . Elton Mayo is often regarded as the father of scientific management. (Points : 1)TrueFalseQuestion 85. 85. Multinational corporations became common place in the mid-1960s. (Points : 1)TrueFalseQuestion 86. 86. Aligning HR policies and decisions with the organizational strategy and mission is called organizational human resources management. (Points : 1)TrueFalseQuestion 87. 87. Employee training focuses on an employee’s future personal growth. (Points : 1)TrueFalseQuestion 88. 88. Workforce diversity refers to the varied personal characteristics that make the workforce heterogeneous. (Points : 1)TrueFalseQuestion 89. 89. Large companies are increasingly finding more cost-effective to share their HRM services among the divisions. (Points : 1)TrueFalseQuestion 90. 90. Part-time employees are those employees who work fewer than 40 hours a week. (Points : 1)TrueFalse

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