read the following three articles and answer the questions in two pages

Here is the question:

1. Identify a public event or development that you might say is a defining element of your/our lifetime. Describe how you see this event/development and why it is so significant. Consider how it conveys “difficult knowledge” and/or “lovely knowledge”
2. Consider how this event/development has unified and/or divided people. Are there divergent ways in which it is understood? Is it important to some and not to others?
3. In their essay, Erica Lehrer and Cynthia E. Milton state that “Memory-workers have begun to explore other modes, including attempts to kindle social aspirations like empathy, identification, cross-cultural dialogue , to recognize multiple perspectives, or to catalyze action.” Taking on the role of a memory-worker, describe an approach you envision as a way of teaching about or introducing others to this event/development.

Answer these three questions in maximum two pages and double spaced

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