Reading Response W1

The responses should be analytical, relating concepts from the readings and lectures to a contemporary story or event outside of class. Responses can be discussions of a particular quote or passage, a reflection on how the reading captures a particular interest of yours, or an explanation of how the concept(s) in the reading represent a contemporary event or news story. The bi- weekly reading responses are not simply general summaries of the readings. Responses should be organized in essay form and should be at least four paragraphs long. The responses should begin with an introductory paragraph that summarizes the article and presents the thesis or statement of purpose for the response. The second paragraph should discuss a particular concept, theory or perspective the reading offers with an example from the text. The third paragraph should critically analyze this the discussion in the second paragraph by uncovering contradiction, or by comparing and contrasting ideas or other concepts from other class readings, or by presenting examples from history or contemporary culture that illustrate or problematize the concept. The Fourth, concluding paragraph should discuss the “So What?” question. In other words, this concluding paragraph should give the reader some concrete idea why the concept or idea the response is addressing is particularly important to understanding our contemporary relationship with the intersection of television and citizenship.(20%)

Choose one readings from the attached files, and see if others have any message related to it

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