Reflection on Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions

Pick two of the dysfunctions that are described in the book and reflect on the importance of a leader addressing these specific dysfunctions. You must clearly state and identify which dysfunctions you will write about, and what you would do about.Write about how you as a leader would address this dysfunction (using course material, and material in the textbook).  What can leaders do to ensure this dysfunction is regularly avoided and what can leaders do if they encounter this within the team?Also, what other creative solutions, and possibly leadership traits can you suggest to address the specific dysfunctions.You are welcome to ask me (the professor} for some suggestions as to materials you might consider involving in this assignment).  YOU MUST both think critically as to what you, the leader, would do, and what you suggest are some leadership behaviors that can address these problems. Make sure you cite the sources you use.

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