Relationship Between Ethnic Groups and US Society Essay

Essay’s Proposal

The topic I chose is “the relationships between ethnic neighborhoods and native-born city residents (who are usually white and sometimes African American, Latino, Native American or Asian American)”. My understanding towards this topic is that I need to get a deeper analysis through several outside ethnic groups such as Mexican, Asian groups and how these ethnic groups interact with native-born city residents (how they adapt US society). I get the inspiration from the article ‘‘I’ll Take Chop Suey’’: Restaurants as Agents of Culinary and Cultural Change by Samantha Barbas. It gave me an introduction about how Chinese immigrants are integrated into American society by culinary and how native-born Americans accept Chinese immigrants. I would like to say that ethnic groups enrich the diversity of American society; ethnic groups potential enhance the possibility of crimes; ethnic groups also bring up many developing opportunities for US society.


This assignment requires students to demonstrate critical, analytic, and research skills learned across the entire semester, at greater length and in greater depth.


To complete this assignment, you must:

An alphabetized list of six (or more) preliminary sources, in the format of an MLA “Works Cited” page

I will provide 2 source for you: (That means two source from the attachments, other four need you to find.)

1. I’ll Take Chop Suey-Restaurants as Agents of Culinary and Cultural Change by Barbas

2.Why You Should Shop at Ethnic Grocery Stores by Stefan Zajic

No more than three sources can be popular sources—three must be peer-reviewed scholarly sources(academic journal)

Essay Content

The structure of your paper

1. Start with an opening paragraph with a background introduction and a clear thesis statement

2. Every body paragraphs should have a topic sentence,

3. Conclusion, restate the the thesis statement, give a summary and add some further thinking

Format Requirements

The essay must:

  • Be double-spaced, with one-inch margins (2.54 cm), and a 12-point serif font like Times New Roman
  • Include an MLA header and page numbers, and an informative title
  • Include an MLA Works Cited page
  • Include parenthetical citations for quotations and paraphrases of other writers
  • Be at least 1400 words long in the final draft (not include the Work Cited Page)
  • Be saved as an electronic file in .doc or docx


Why You Should Shop at Ethnic Grocery Stores

by Zajic

links here:…

another one is in the attachment

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