Resolution Of Ethical Violations And Compretence

This Answer has two parts. Each response should be at least 300 words,substancial, and includes examples and explanations. Critically evaluate  wherever possible. Include in-text citations and a reference list as appropriate.

Resolving ethical issues in the profession can be very involved and costly, not only in monetary terms but also in terms of your career. Professionals work in many different organizations, but the Ethics Code applies in all career areas. Consider a professional who is trained in research, and despite their lack of training in therapy, claims to be able to be a therapist. This is a violation of the Ethics Code.

Part 1. Choose one of the ethical violations case studies, apply both an informal resolution of the violation and a formal complaint, identify the issue and ethical standard it goes with. Do you agree with the route the professional took in the example? Why or why not? What is an alternative way of dealing with the issue?(Minimum 300 words)


has many meanings in the Ethics Code. It can refer to being qualified to do the job based on knowledge, training, or degree, or it may refer to the scientific judgments as in sexual abuse or child custody cases. Competency in the Ethics Code also refers to personal issues, such as a professional’s personal problems interfering with his or her ability to work in the field.Use  two scientific journal articles along with the Ethics Code, review a case study, where the competency of the professional is in question.

Part 2 minimum (300 words also).Using the case study you picked from the book, identify the issues and potential conflicts. Look at areas like personal problems and conflict of interest, along with any of the standard competencies.With references from at lease two scientific journal articles along with the Ethics Code, review a case study where the competency of the professional is in question.

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