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Janice was 8years old born to a family of three siblings and lovely parents. The parents had endeavored to give the children equal love by providing everything from food to gifts in equal measures. As a matter of fact, this had presented a warm environment for articulation and expression of the children. Good reports had always been given about the children by the teachers at school except from Janice. Moreover, the children had extensively participated in an array of clubs in school. It was, therefore, a call for concern especially from the teachers when Janice appeared to be relatively withdrawn compared to her aggressive and outgoing sisters. Mr. Patrick had reported that the child was rarely involved in class discussion and could only voice her view when prompted by the teacher.

Additionally, she seemed to be engrossed in her world an indication of an outright disconnect from class. Her friend, Victoria also noted that she had severally dismissed her insisting that she wanted to be left alone. Her performance was dismal, and this was becoming worse with time. She was also shy to participate in any class role that would involve articulation and presentation. Besides, her self-esteem had drastically been affected when she failed to give a presentation only to retreat halfway eloquently. This had drawn jeers and despicable laughter from the class who portrayed her as a coward and a shy girl. It is this situation that had prompted the teacher to have a meeting with Janice parents on how they could address the situation.

Apparently, Janice seriously needed help before the situation could become terrible culmination to use of drugs as a means of solace as it had been observed in other students.
The parents agreed to schedule a session for Janice to meet with a psychologist. Janice mother agreed that she would be present during the session. Despite Janice adamantly throwing a tantrum about her disinterest for the session, she finally had to comply because the parents had insisted. Dragging her feet with hunched shoulder, Janice slumped on the seat adjacent to the door, a clear indication that she wanted to be done with this as soonest and get out.

The psychologist was however fortunate to have a good rapport with Janice in the subsequent session. Janice explicitly noted that she dreaded school and she had always wanted to pursue her hobby than sit in class the entire day listening to extremely plain lessons from the teachers. She also noted that she had developed an extreme dislike for mathematics because she kept on failing each single test despite severally dedicating enough hours to study the subject. She had chosen to live a solitude life because she realized the world, especially schoolmates did not like to identity with losers. The shame she suffered in class for failing to express herself had had a grave toll on her. Most of the time she had become engrossed at home doing what she passionately loved most which was playing the piano. Interestingly, after the intelligent test, Janice got to know her strengths and weakness. The parents also noted a gradual change in their daughter’s life and performance.

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