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Access this link: Disaster Politics reading



This focuses on one element of how governments approach disasters and preparations. Another area is the influence that governments have during disasters and how they “support” their population during a crisis. Disaster relief can be a powerful political tool in order to maintain control over their population.

Look at some recent disasters or Humanitarian events, such as the Ebola outbreak or the Haiti earthquake of 2010. From your readings, attempt to cite an example of how political influence can obstruct effective disaster operations. Briefly comment on what impact NGO’s may have- good or bad- in politically unstable environments.

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Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes are one type of disaster that governments face it. Although the most natural disasters are unavoidable and apolitical in origin, they may have serious political consequences for governments. In 2010 Haiti earthquake, large-scale earthquake that happened, on the West Indian island of Hispaniola. The most seriously concerned was Haiti. Actual

death damage
sustained difficult in the ensuing chaos. The Haitian government’s official count was more than 300,000, but other estimates were considerably smaller. Hundreds of thousands of survivors were displaced (Pallardy, R.

2019). Haiti had a quantity of 7.0 and an epicenter of Leganes, not only left 230,000 people dead, 300,000 people injured, and 1,000,000 people homeless; but also, left an already troubled political structure, lying in the rubble.

In addition, Haiti’s government

has been
unstable before the earthquake. We cannot say that the earthquake is the cause of the political struggle in Haiti now would be a whole overstatement, but it can be stated to have made it worse. After the earthquake, the government could do nothing but fall further down. The lack of structure before and the sudden disaster sent Haiti also in shock. The government of Haiti has always been struggling even before the earthquake that struck in the early months of 2010 (Politics in Haiti


The relief operations can divide into several phases: search and rescue; treatment and survival; relocation and rehabilitation; early recovery; and long-term reconstruction. As with any natural disaster that has many moving parts, it can take days to get a relief effort underway. Lack of transportation infrastructure, lack of access, all can cause bottlenecks at key points in the system. While timing is critical to saving lives. In the priorities, we should focus on search and rescue assistance, address an important need for food, clean water and sanitation, medical assistance, emergency shelter and setting up key infrastructure and logistics operations. So, the government of Haiti should work with

NGOs organizations
in natural disasters to improve relief operations.

, Rhoda & Taft-Morales, Maureen. (2010). Haiti Earthquake: Crisis and Response. 69.

, R.

2019, April 01). 2010 Haiti earthquake. Retrieved from…

Politics in Haiti.


). Retrieved from…

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I will base my case on a very fresh case happening in Africa, Kenya. It’s a humanitarian crisis of hunger which some top government officials are denying but the media has followed

the case and brought forward

evidence that indeed people have died of hunger.

This is a classic example of political influence obstructing effective disaster operations In this case, we see that some top government officials are denying that people are dying of hunger. Why? The obvious answer is that this shows that the government has no policies to deal with hunger and therefore lacks foresight. Since hunger is not a new thing in such a country, she ought to have learned from past experiences and like the biblical Joseph store up food for use when rain

and hunger strikes. A further study

Kenya has revealed that

actually though
it’s true that people have died of hunger, the hunger is only in some

parts but
in other parts of the country, there is food and so nobody ought to have died of hunger when there is food in other parts of the land. In fact, they say that in some places people are looking for customers to buy their maize, which is the staple food in the country. If this is the case, then to hear that some people are dying of hunger shows a government that lacks foresight. This could be the reason why top government officials are denying the hunger, because they are aware that the opposition will capitalize on it and prove a point that could haunt the government in

next elections
. If this was what they feared, then it has happened because the opposition has already hit.

In essence, this shows that some top government officers are aware that the disaster is exposing a bad side of them that they have no policy to deal with hunger. The only way for them to hide their weakness is to deny publicly and confuse the public. By so doing, they obstruct effective disaster operation because the AID agencies will avoid

to go
against the government. Also, both local and foreign donors will not bring in help because generally they rely on

governments position
. Even when some may know the truth that a disaster is real, they may hold their help lest they be seen to be opposed to the government, which is not good for them. There have been cases of NGOs being deregistered because of non-cooperation with government institutions.

In politically unstable environments, NGOs have had a good impact because they can reach people on the ground with AID. In fact, NGOs have worked to ensure sanity in politically unstable environments by pinpointing areas of intervention and financing activities. For example, human rights and healthcare organizations. In unstable environments, such NGOs have done great work in championing and protecting the rights of people. They come in to provide healthcare services and educate the common man on governance and his rights, so that when the unstable governments become oppressive, the common man can defend his rights by mass action. Other NGOs take on projects in farming and vocational training. Through such interventions by the NGOs, life becomes bearable. Another key factor is that since disaster hits even in politically unstable environments, when it happens its only NGOs who are available to offer the necessary interventions.

Particularly, NGOs like, Habitat for humanity international, World vision and others are experienced in their areas and so they have a swiftness that many governments cannot match. Their record in saving lives is almost unmatched by governments’. When disaster hits, in most cases they are there first even before government agencies.


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