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Statistics involves the study of math and calculations of numbers as well as relying on how the numbers are chosen. “First documentation on social statistical concepts originated in the 1600s as published discussions on probability and normal curve equations” (Grand Canyon University, 2018, para. 4). The use of statistics and analysis of patient data is at the root of nursing research. Florence Nightingale utilized this during the Crimean War in the 1850s.

Documentation of statistical analysis in the medical field is seen in 1825 when James Jackson completed an analysis of bloodletting among pneumonitis patients between April 1825 and May 1835. The study concluded by Jackson is based on the works of Pierre-Charles-Alexandre Louis numeric method published in 1828. Documentation of the time of day, calculated average convalescence within groups stratified by age, sex, prior health and the day of the disease when the patients were admitted to the hospital. Jackson concluded it is of less importance whether patients were bled or not than whether they entered the hospital early or late after the onset of the pneumonitis. Jackson discovered that bloodletting was ineffective. Reanalysis of Jackson’s data confirms his conclusion, Jackson’s contribution to the gathering of patient clinical data from hospital records using a quantitative analytical method is still used in the health care field (Kahn and Morabia, 2015).


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