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These are the post of two students, please respond giving them feed back in wether you agree or disagree! Please keep them separate!

O’Phylynn post

As I approach the end of my bachelor program I am more stressed than when I started. I say this because there are major projects to be completed along with projects for this course. While it is stressed inducing, I do somewhat feel a sense of relief that the end is near.

As I juggle my capstone course along with this class, work, and family, I find going for a walk, excerise( when I can), listening to music, cooking, or playing with my 20month old relieving. Depending on the day music can be over stimulating if I am mentally exhausted. On those days of over stimulation, I find a long warm shower relaxes those muscles and give a refreshed feeling.

Many may shut down and become really stressed and unable to focus or put words on paper. I am the opposite. I have found that having a deadline for a project gives me inspiration and motivation to have it completed. I find it strange but the stressed caused by knowing the deadline is fast approaching creates those creative thoughts and inspiration. Taking a warm shower (relaxes those muscles), laying in bed (further relaxation)with my tablet, seem to work for me rather than sitting in front of a computer.

Response to the post:

Richard post

When students have a deadline and are feeling stressed, what can they do to relax their mind and body to accomplish what they need to do? Which relaxation strategies would be most successful to achieve that outcome?

I find that taking a walk with my girls always relaxes me. I enjoy the time with my family and the fresh air and the sounds of nature. I usually work on my classes in the evening when I get home from work, but many times I will take that walk first. It clears my head from all of the stress that had built up throughout my work day. As far as deadlines are concerned, I find that time management and preparation is very important in order to be a successful college student. Relaxation techniques can only do so much, but making a plan or calendar and sticking by it is can help you avoid having to do too much at once and the stress that comes with procrastination. I’m not always perfect with it, but I do realize the importance of planning and time management and try to utilize it to the best of my ability in order to cut down on stress.

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