Revise the team project draft

① PLEASE REVISE the first doc (team project) according to the professor’s comments.

Comments: First, please follow closely team project requirements which you can find from our Canvas coursework. Second, please read Groupon’s SEC filings to get necessary data about the firm and its industry. Third, your external analysis part is rather broad. You don’t need to focus on the whole e-commerce industry section. You need to focus on Groupon and its direct competitors such as Yelp and others – firms in the same category as Groupon. Fourth, the writing – in particular the writing of the internal analysis section – should be clearer.

Finish Section IV part. (2-3pages)

The company is Groupon

Section IV: Business Proposal

  1. 1.What are the firm’s main problems?
  • External environment
    • -Threat of substitutes
    • -Paradigm shift
    • -Bargaining power of suppliers
    • -Or others
    • ¬Internal operations
    • -Business models
    • -Leadership
    • -Culture
    • -Products
    • -Or others
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