Shakespeare Writing Speech Paper

Write a speech in Blank Verse (or, if you prefer, the way those Eastcheap folks talk — i suppose it depends on how fancy you feel?), 12-14 lines long, about one (or more!) of your personal ambitions. Feel free to channel your best Prince Hal, if you’re feeling like you’re playing the long game, or your finest Falstaff, if you want to tell me about your more material goals, or even your most righteously-furious Hotspur, if your ambition is to prove everyone wrong! Imagine you are the character on stage, alone, telling the audience the truth: what would you reveal to the audience, in dramatic fashion, that would drive the play of your life full steam ahead?

After your fantastic speech is done, write a couple paragraphs of reflection. How did your lines compare to the speech you were vaguely imitating? What choices were you trying to show here?

NB: This is a bonus imitation, so Bb will say it’s worth 0 points. But, if you turn it in, it will be worth 25 points, like all the imitations thus far.

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