Shepherd Home Security Inc Mission or Vision Statement Business Proposal

Hello, I need help finishing my capstone project for my intro to business class. I need a two slide powerpoint presentation, the first slide will be a billboard like slide selling my proposed business which is a home automation and security company. The first slide needs to have photos that will need citations from where they were retrieved. If you have a unique name to call the Home Automation and Security business that would be very helpful! The second slide will describe the following:

* Mission or Vision Statement of your company

* SWOT Analysis is broken into 4-distinct paragraphs

Strengths (of your company)

Weaknesses (of your company)

Opportunities (Why did you pick this company? What opportunities or gaps do you see your company filling in society?)

Threats (What obstacles will you have to overcome in order to get past the 6-month mark and the 1 -year mark?)

* Leadership methodology

2-3 sentences that describe how you will lead the company

* References

I have added some screenshots of what a couple look like. They are not the greatest quality but hopefully it will make sense.

Below is the info from the syllabus, but the teacher requires us to work individually.

Capstone Assignment / Team Marketing Presentation –Background:

This course focuses on understanding foundational business terms and applications. As part of the larger Organizational Leadership curriculum it also serves to facilitate as a self-assessment module whereby the students develop a deeper understanding of self through leadership style assessments, personality type inventories, and values and lifestyle surveys. This capstone assignment endeavors to synthesize these assessments through a business focused lens.

Assignment Parameters:

For the capstone project students will develop a short marketing presentation of approximately 10-15 minutes, presented to the class during the final WebEx week session. The presentation can be made with any media desired, but the minimum expectation would be a PowerPoint presentation.

The group will assume the role of a newly established cross-functional team within a corporate leadership consulting firm. Team members will create an inventory of the leadership knowledge, skills, and attributes as well as the recorded personality types, and the values and lifestyles of the team members. Taking these assessments, the team will create a comprehensive list of features, characteristics, and qualities that could prove critical to a company managing a transitional or strategic issue. Using these features, the team will then develop a marketing plan to promote their services as a potential change agent and valuable resource to the company. Understanding that the students are nascent in the quantification of their leadership knowledge, skills, and attributes a great deal of artistic license may be applied to the marketing plan; no plagiarism is implied or specified.

For example, a student group may be comprised of a retail employee, a food service employee, and a military service member. Understanding the skills inherent in these professions the students could extrapolate a combined skill set of accounting and logistics (retail), customer service and support (food service), and organizational and task structuring (military). This same process of skill extrapolation should be applied across all of the team members including all of the available assessment informationfrom previous weeks’ work. This process serves to both populate the marketing plan with relevant skill sets, but also serves to demonstrate to students the inherent value of their existing skills.

When presented, the plan should include:

  1. The team’s unique selling proposition (USP); the USP is what sets your skills and/or services apart from your competitors. Expressed as a clear mandate that summarizes the essence of your business, the USP serves as the theme of your marketing. The question the USP answers for your customers is, “Why hire your team instead of the others?”
  2. A definition of the target market. The target market can be broad to meet the defined skill sets, but students should endeavor to develop a deeper understanding of what market sectors require what skill sets and under what conditions. This demonstrates a synthesis of the business competencies in this specific course and leadership domains within the overall program.

3. A list the benefits of team’s skills or services. Students should demonstrate how their skill sets translate into application and eventual value. Efforts could even include development of a hypothetical crisis or organizational change within a target client and specific remedies to be brought forth from the team

Emphasis should be placed on synthesizing assessments and developing the marketing strategy over multimedia presentations lacking real substance.

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