Size Up Video Assignment

The goal for the Size Up Video Assignment is to watch 2-3 videos from Youtube and choose one video to complete the following assignment.

  1. Provide the link for the video you have chosen to review.
  2. Provide a detailed “report on conditions”. The brief initial report (no longer than 3 to 4 seconds) should paint a vivid word picture of the conditions. Example: “Metro (Dispatch), Engine 1 on scene of a two-story, single family wood frame constructed home with smoke and fire from the A side (front) of the structure. Engine 1 is preparing for fire attack and assuming State Street (Name your fire) IC (Incident Command).”
  3. Use the common mnemonic (WALLACE WAS HOT) – Water, Area, Life hazard, Location-extent,
    Apparatus-personnel, Construction-collapse, Exposures, Weather, Auxiliary appliances, Special matters, Height, Occupancy, and Time and answer as many of the concerns as possible for the mnemonic you can identify from the video.
  4. Estimate the amount of water required using the National Fire Academy (NFA) Formula. Here is the basics of the NFA formula. How much water do you think you will need on the incident from the Youtube video you chose?
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