Solution Gas-Oil Ratio Assignment

You have been given a field dataset from multiple fields of many different wells (project_data.csv). Your job is to analyze the data and try to create a correlation to predict solution gas-oil ratio at the bubblepoint. The field dataset has five columns of data as follows:

  • Gas oil ratio measured at the stock tank (Rst) in standard cubic feet per stock tank barrel (scf/STB),
  • Specific Gravity of the oil at the stock tank (SGoil) where 1.0 is the specific gravity of water,
  • Specific Gravity of the gas at the separator (SGgas) where 1.0 is the specific gravity of air,
  • Separator Pressure (Psp) in psi
  • Separator Temperature (Tsp) in Fahrenheit,

You need to create a correlation for Rst, using the other values as input values. Some key points will be the following:

  • Importing the data
  • Performing basic statistical analysis on the data
  • Identifying any issues/outliers in the dataset and cleaning them
  • Visualizing the dataset
  • Working on single and multivariable correlations using the clean data set
  • Generating a final equation to predict Rst
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