Southern New Hampshire University Victims’ Rights Research Paper

My state is Georgia!!

Research the legal protections for victims in your state and discuss how victims’ rights have changed in your state in twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Provide a link to your research. Summarize these in 2–3 paragraphs.

To complete this assignment, review the Blog Guidelines and Rubric document.

Article: About Victims’ Rights
This website reviews the historical development of victims’ rights in the United States, as well as current victims’ rights information. The article also reviews constitutional amendments associated with the rights of crime victims.

Article: Issues: Constitutional Amendments
This website provides a brief overview of victims’ rights legislation. It also allows you to select your own state and review laws currently in place for crime victims.

PDF: History and Overview of Rights and Services for Federal Crime Victims Within the United States
This paper provides a complete overview of historical federal crime victims’ legislation as well as the rights currently available to victims of crimes prosecuted by federal authorities.

The paper provides specific information on how major federal agencies, such as the FBI, work with victims of crime.

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