SPD580 Grand Canyon University 3 Part Lesson Plan Writing Paper

Design a differentiated reading and writing three-lesson mini-unit for middle school students on the topic of persuasive writing. Upon completing your grouping choices, complete the top COE Lesson Plan Template.”

Using the “SPD-580 Class Profile,” identify three differentiated groups of students for whom the mini-unit will be designed. In a 250-500-word summary, list each group of students and provide a rationale for your grouping decisions.

Class profile, and Lesson plan template are uploaded for convenience.

Material that might help with the assignment include the following readings

Pages 5-9 of “Improving Reading Comprehension in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade: A Practice Guide,” from the U.S. Department of Education.


“Differentiation in Special Education: Differentiating Instruction for Success,” by Webster, located on the About Education website.


Chapter 6 of Reading Strategies for Elementary Students With Learning Difficulties: Strategies for RTI (2nd Edition) William N. Bender and Martha J. Larkin

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