Stakeholder Involvement In Decision Making In Healthcare Assignment

Short Assignment #2: Based on the case studies being discussed in the class explain how best should policy makers incorporate stakeholders into their deliberations and decision-making processes? In addition, using examples from the various case studies reviewed this semester list four dos and don’ts that policy makers should take into consideration when developing public health policies. Limit your assignment to three pages, use APA format, and integrate at least three reputable sources in addition to your textbook. Please submit your assignment via the Assignment tab in Canvas.

what are some of tings that you do when integrating stakeholders who reflect a multitude of perspectives or those who have a vested interest in the issues at hand. A dont wouble be to include stakeholders who have no interest or understanding of the issues at hand. The CDC has some good do’s and donts on their web-site.

file:///C:/Users/Erik/Downloads/HPV_Vaccine_School_Entry_Requirements_Confronting_.pdf -case 11

****I think it is about case 11 and 12 the HPV vaccine and making it a requirement for female students before they start school. How to stakeholders influence that policy and make it happen or not happen. How they involve the stakeholders like having them participate in community meetings and keep them in the loop of policy making decisions. With the Plan B, how do they involve stakeholders to make plan B an over the counter prescription. I think the do’s and dont’s involve what policy makers should and should not do to influence policy about the communities health. This is what i got from the description of the assignment. I hope this helps.

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