Stephen King On Writing

Answer the following questions after reading Stephen King’s On Writing.Did you enjoy King’s piece? Did you enjoy his writing style? Explain and provide examples from the text.How does King convey to the reader that he is telling the truth? As a reader, do you feel included in the story? Explain and provide examples from the text.On pages 40-41, King gives his first snapshot from his childhood with the wasp story. Read this passage carefully. How does King make this story interesting? Pay special attention to the comparisons he uses, the way he uses direct speech (i.e. people talking), etc…Choose one of the snapshots and explain why you chose it. Did you find it funny or something else? What do you learn about King in this snapshot? What do we learn about other people?Write at least 2 questions or comments about Stephen King’s piece.Reply to the questions/comments of at least 2 of your classmates. Replying to a comment means you are engaging with what your classmate said. Writing “what you said is interesting” is not good enough! Think of this as a conversation you’d have in class if you were sitting in the same room as that person.

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