Strategic Marketing Plan

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Assignment: Strategic Marketing Plan

This assignment incorporates all you have learned throughout the course and assignments. Create a strategic marketing plan for a company of your choosing (suggest using one of the companies analyzed in competitive analysis assignment – use a particular product / company but it should be your plan not just the company information). (Instructor may request a draft earlier in the semester – will advise Week 1 of the course). This assignment will be done as a PowerPoint with Notes presentation. Moreover, students will be asked to condense the PPT into a five-minute in class presentation Week 7. Specific slides for the presentation are noted on the template found in Course Material – Week 7 entitled Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template. Please note this assignment is therefore due at class time. The presentation will also be included in the final Marketing Plan grade.

The plan must include the following sections:

  1. Executive summary
  2. Opportunity assessment – describe the current industry/market situation
  3. Product description
  4. Goals – develop the results that must be achieved from the marketing plan you are proposing (not the corporate goals of the company) – use S.M.A.R.T. goals (at least three should be cited). ** make sure you follow the directions on this section.
  5. Critical success factors – describe factors which would impact the success of this product and plan
  6. Target market – fully describe the target market for this plan (demographics, psychographics, attitudes, geography, emotions, etc.
  7. Key messages – develop the key message pyramid – what does the customer want to hear, etc.(instructor handout in Course Material to assist with this section if needed)
  8. Marketing and communications tactics – include three different tactics, explain why these were selected, and describe in some detail (2-3 paragraphs per tactic recommended should be included in the note section) how to integrate the campaign elements you are suggesting. The detail is provided in the Note section of the slide. (Provide a summary conclusion to close out the paper).

Charts, graphics and illustrations are encouraged. All facts must have reference citations in the body of the report (See APA guide). This assignment is to be presented as a PowerPoint with NOTES in a high quality, professional level. Remember, the intention of the paper is for you to show your mastery of the marketing planning elements with a specific campaign within an industry. Assignment MUST include:

  • Cover page slide
  • Table of contents
  • Reference page (at least five references)
  • Presentation

Notes are required to support each slide with references. PowerPoint assignment should be no more than 15 slides in total including the cover page. Points will be deducted if over 15+ slides. For the presentation, condense to eight slides and NO MORE than five minutes in a verbal presentation Week 7. This will encourage and support clarity. Any longer and you will be asked to end the presentation (points lost as well). Organization, flow, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure will all be included as components of the grade. The rubric below will be used to evaluate this assignment. A template for the Marketing Plan PowerPoint will be found in Course Material – Week 7.

For the presentation there are suggested slides on the PowerPoint template to incorporate vs the entire deck. This will provide a way for you to condense the material for the oral presentation. It is not necessary to redo any slide for the presentation, just reduce the number for the time consideration.

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