Team Presentation Starbucks

Hello, this is my group PowerPoint presentation and what I need is make me please the last slides which include the Challenging/Recommendation and the important thing is Restatement carefully all of the points in the previous slides or speech, and finally the Conclusion make it short.

(If you can please write down the explanation and the speech from the slides we’ll create so I can present them easily to class please Cuz I am not American sp if you can make it for me)

Please make them as brief and comprehensive as you can

See I attach pic the prof. has illustrated to me what I should do in my part (RESTATEMENT) and he said your slide or your part is the most important part of the presentation (Your part is THE MONEY MAKER)

Also see this is the other presentation about Starbucks that where My Group had made their part originally form or upon.

I found one article talks about the disadvantages of Starbucks organizational structure that relevant to my part. You can use it if you want.

I just wanted to say do me first the slides please because I need to submit this presentation on Sunday then you can write me in a side the explanation and the speech that I will tell the class regarding my parts. As I said above

You can find the speech either below the slide or in the file I attached down here

I’ll add a few hrs if needed

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