The Cleveland Museum of Art Essay

(I will update the class slide later)

Choose fifteen images from this course, at least one image per week from weeks 2-13.

Imagine these fifteen images in an exhibition. (If you have selected performances or architectural spaces for your images, feel free to be creative about how you would include these kinds of images.) What would you call the exhibition? What is its theme or narrative? Where would it be?

Create a museum catalogue featuring these fifteen images. Your catalogue should include:

  1. A) One catalogue essay, with a thesis about the exhibition, featuring at least three of the fifteen images, with the same structure as your typical quiz essay. Each of your three examples must be connected to your thesis.
  2. B) Catalogue entries for each of the fifteen images. A catalogue entry has two parts:

B1) the standard metadata for an image on a quiz (maker, date, title, materials, dimensions, and optionally present location) and

B2) at least one sentence about why this image is included in the exhibition. How does this image fit with your exhibition’s thesis or narrative?

you should meditate on why you think art history matters now.

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