The Force Field Analysis Model is one of the most famous in change management

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question 1

The Force Field Analysis Model is one of the most famous in change management. It was originally developed by Kurt Lewin and can be found in Chapter 5 at the end of the chapter (printed page 151). Review this model and relate it to an issue in your organization or your associations outside of work. Define how understanding the “forces for” and the “forces against” inter-relate. What insights did you get from the analysis?

Question 2

Applying Force Field Analysis

Review the concept of the force field analysis at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Can you apply it to any particular change you have personally experienced (either at work or outside work)?

Question 3

Reducing Negative Forces

Experts suggest that reducing negative forces is more potent than increasing positive ones. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss your position.

Question 4

Chapter 5 identifies several diagnostic models. The first five speak of the overall structure of the organization. Select one of these five and research it on the Internet. Discuss why you chose this particular model, with special emphasis on the components included and how they (and the model) fit with your view of the organization you are researching for your project. Speak also to what you see as the model’s strengths and weaknesses.( AT least 3 paragraphs for this question)

Question 5

Confirming That Change Is Needed

While you look around the organization where you work or one that you are familiar with, what signs do you get that change is needed? How could you confirm that instinct or impression?

Question 6

Folks, It seems that measurements can be good signs that change is needed. What is the difference in how you analyze internal and external factors?

Question 7

Congruence Model

Most of the models listed have solid research foundations and one that is particularly intuitive (and well-supported) is Nadler and Tushman’s Congruence Model. Research this model and comment on its application in your organization.

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