The Importance of Purpose in the Talent Market: How Work is Changing

Alley and Robert had an interesting and insightful visit from their neighbor down the hall who is about to become a career changer. However, there was more to Molly’s visit than asking for a little advice.  Alley, Molly and Robert’s conversation reminds us that what a company does matters to the brand of the organization and how it is perceived and respected by customers, employees and their families. Image matters, and organizations must pay attention to their brand. Not having any visibility is as unfortunate as a negative public image. Positive branding and such items as logos and company prestige often means a bigger market share and respect and appreciation from the community.Consider organizational brands that you view as positive and others you view as negative. What do the positive companies have in common, and what do the negative companies have in common in your opinion?If you were an HR pro with a company that had a neutral reputation, what might you do to improve it?

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