The Ingrate Story Discussion

Please do some research on African Americans, slavery, and the Civil War to better understand the background of the story “The Ingrate.” Please answer 2 or more of the questions below:


-What is the “Fugitive Slave Act of 1850?”

-What did you find out in your research about slavery in America? What information was the most surprising to you?

-Why did the Civil War happen?

The Ingrate” by P.L. Dunbar Read and complete “Discuss After Your Read” questions 1-3

1.What is the reason Mr.Leckler gives his wife for Josh lessons? What is the real reason?

2.What is the reason Mr.Leckler gives josh for ending the instruction? What is the real reason?

3.Examine closely the conversations that take place between Mr.Leckler and his wife. On the basis of these conversation, how would you characterize their marriage?

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