The Judicial System Every Day Of My Life HBO Documentary Discussion Help

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The link below will take you to part 1 of an HBO documentary titled: Every Fucking Day of my Life (there are 6 parts total). Please watch the documentary. You will experience the life of Wendy Maldonado, a woman from Oregon who was convicted of killing her husband, Aaron Maldonado. Wendy and Aaron were together for 20 years before his murder.

While reviewing this documentary you will likley experience a little fear, anger, and sadness – for everyone involved. Once you have finished your review, please provide a thoughtful reaction in which you discuss (a) whether you believe the justice system erred in deciding Wendy’s case and why; (b) whether the justice system erred in deciding her son’s case and why; and (c) the reasons you believe Wendy’s requests for clemency were unsuccessful (think outside of the box – and, perhaps, not politically correct).

You will likely need to discuss additional facts from her case to communicate your answer clearly. So, feel free to look it up! Did she get clemency? Did her son?

You will have access to the posts of your peers once you complete your own post.

Every F—ing Day of My Life – Part One

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