The myth of race Video Summary Assignment “The myth of race”

Provide commentary on the assigned videos/films this week. Do not summarize the film. its your reaction to the film. For example, did you learn anything?; was anything surprising?; can you relate to anything described in the film?; do you have any questions after watching the film?; is there something that needs clarification?; etc. Be as specific as you can.

For part B, look for recent (within the last 2 years) ads in your own environment (in magazines, on tv, websites, etc.) that you believe use sex, race, gender, family roles, nationality, or class (alone or in combination). Comment on how those characteristics are used in the ad. These can be ads for anything or any product. Hint:

(1) look for ads that use the same characteristics the same way (e.g. if you find a toy ad – are boys playing with dolls in the ads? what race are the dolls?)

(2) ads that use the same characteristics different ways (e.g. when are women presented as sex objects and when are they not?)

(3) ads for the exact same product targeted to a different audience. What kinds of messages about social groups are being sold to us alongside products? Include a picture and/or provide a link to the ad (or ads) you are discussing so we can view them.

There are countless examples of problems and conflicts involving various ethnic groups from around the world. Select a country and investigate ethnic conflicts (additional 150 word minimum). Present a summary that touches on several concepts of your choosing that were introduced in the Ethnicity reading. Be sure to cite any outside resources (including your textbook) using MLA citation format.

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