The State Patrol Ticket Processing System

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CIS 510 – Extra Credit.

Extra credit requires you to use all of the concepts discussed in this course. There are  sections with each section having  point value. You must have all elements required in each section to receive points for that section. All diagrams must be part of your System Review document placed in the appropriate section. The format is included in this document.

Extra credit the case study “The State Patrol Ticket Processing System” (Page 199, Chapter 5).  There are five independent systems.

1)  Ticket Processing System

2)  Accident and Insurance Verification System

3)  Driving Record System

4)  Driver License System

5)  Patrol Operations

The first four systems are integrated and share a common database; however, each processes only data specifically identified for the system. This project has a $150,000 budget and must be completed within 4 months. You currently have a staff of two programmers, one tester, one network adminstrator, one database adminstrator, and a State Trooper Officer as a liason.

Extra Credit Project (150 points):

Your team is required to integrate the Patrol Operations system with the other four. Patrol Operations include all information of the State Trooper (Name, address, Badge Number, Rank), vehicle assigned (Type, VIN, State Number), and patrol area.  Sections 1 and 2 are traditional design approach requirements. Sections 3 and 4 are Object- Oriented design requirements. Section 5 will be a full project scope statement.


PROJECT: State Trooper Multi-System Integration




Section 1: Entity Relationship Diagram – Visio or Open Source version (30 points)

a)  Current System (15 points)

b)  Upgraded System (15 points)

Section 2: Data Flow Diagram – Visio or Open Source version. (30 points)

a)  Current system (15 points)

b)  Upgraded system (15 points)

Section 3: Class Diagram – Visio or Open Source version. (30 points)

a)  Upgraded system

Section 4: Use Case Diagram – Visio or Open Source version. (30 points)

a)  Upgraded system

Section 5: Project Scope Statement (30 points) – Use the format below.

Project Scope Statement

Project Name: State Trooper Multi-system integration

Department: State Trooper IT Division

Project Manager: <Your Name>

Date: <Date>

Prepared By:

Document Owner(s) Project/Organization Role
<Your Name> State Trooper Integration/Systems Analyst/Project Manager

Project Closure Report Version Control

Version Date Author Change Description
01 <Date> <Your Name> Created document.

Project Justification (6 points)

<This must state why the project is necessary, how it will impact operations if not completes, and what impact does it have on operations>


Project Identification (6 Points)

Solution: <This must address the final solution in detail>

Extraneous Work: Work outside of the scope (basically, what will not be done in this project)

Other projects:


Project Deliverables (6 points)

<This area must identify each item that you deliver as a final product>


Project Objective (6 points)

Costs:  <This must explain how the costs will be used throughout the project>

Time:  <This must provide a time-line for each phase>

Quality Measures:  <This must identify how you are measuring each phase for quality and completion>


Assumptions/Limitations (6 points)

<This must contain any assumptions from reading the case study, as well as any limitiations you feel might impact the project>
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