Tracking Obesity for Intervention Programs Research proposal

Topic: Tracking Obesity for Intervention Programs.

Rationale: Obesity has become a leading concern public health of late. The reason behind these concerns is due to increased prevalence.

The Purpose of the Study.

The purpose of this research is to establish how technology can be coined with health in order to reduce the prevalence of obesity. The main course of obesity is lack of exercise or physical activities after consumption of high sugar and fat. Due to the emergence of fitness tracking systems, this research seeks to come up with a way in which this technology will help eliminate the prevalence of obesity.

Research question

How will technology help eliminate and influence the prevalence of obesity

Explain the target and accessible population for your study proposal.

` It is crucial to think of a suitable target population while tracking obesity because this affects strategies, settings, and resources needed for the project. The target population in this study will be the general population. Obesity and overweight is affecting any person right now, regardless of the age or social status. This may be due to several factors like access to low-cost, highly processed, energy-dense, and nutrition poor foodstuff (Crino, 2015). Another research can also be done on females as there is a noted increase in weight in female than in the male. There is also an increase in body mass index (BMI) among cancer patient (Arnold, 2016). Obesity and overweight may also have an impact on cancer outcome, and hence the population with cancer can be an interesting one to work with.

Describe your sampling method for a representative sample.

Use of stratified, cluster-sampling design would be helpful. Community gatherings can be described as clusters and can be sampled by strata determined by their participation in a reduced-price meals program. We would request consent from the parents or guardian if they are cases involving children and approval from those affected if they are adults. we would then request assistance from trained healthcare officials to measure my samples’ weight. Later we would calculate body mass index (BMI), sex-specific, and for-age percentiles using provisions we would collect from Centre for Disease Control and Prevention growth Charts.

What would be your sample size?

We would use a sample size that is diverse in terms of age and also has cancer patients. Using a sample size of 50 individuals, between the ages of 16 to 65 would be appropriate in this research: men (=25) and female (N=25) with BMI of ranging from 25.5 to 45.5.

Explain how you ascertained enough sample size

Different sample size differs with the use of different study designs. To determine enough sample size of 50 individuals, we had to look into different parameters like cost of the project, disparity of my target population, willingness to communicate and also the time is given to do the project. A sample size of 50 will be easier to work with as it is not going to take much of my time; it won’t be expensive to work with, unlike larger samples. Use of cluster-sample design will be comfortable with this sample size as we expect to have most of the people in community parks, local hospitals, or in schools in case they are pupils or students. Large samples, e.g. sample (N=200) means we’ll have to commute miles to cover the whole sample size which will be tedious and expensive.

Use the information above to answer the questions below.

Describe your data collection instrument.

Explain your processes of data collection.

Describe your data collection instrument.

Explain your processes of data collection.

How will you ensure the validity and reliability of your chosen instrument?

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