Trends Issues

Create a power point presentation on a play structure of your choice. You are required to visit the location of the play structure you choose and do a walk through of the entire play area. Make note of the type of safety surfacing and how you would rate it from a safety standpoint. Look at all pieces of equipment for dangers and take photos of anything that you find. Your goal as the park and recreation professional is to assess the area for safety. Also look at any signage and see if anyone is in violation of the rules.The presentation must be a minimum of 12 slides and include the following components:

1. Name and Pictures of the location you choose

2. Pictures of the play structure

3. List and Pictures of any issues that you find

4. Recommendations for improvement based on your findings

Watch the video below on safety surfacing testing which helps to simulate a child falling from the highest point of a playground to determine the correct depth of cushion.

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