Tyler Perry’s New Drama If Loving You Is Wrong TV Show Episode Analysis

Choose a favorite TV show episode (the more familiar the better)and analyze the episode

in term of the 5 stylistic techniques in the Mittell chapter.

Staging, Camerawork, Editing, Sound, Graphics

Process: Watch the episode more than one taking notes on specific examples of each

technique that can be used in the analysis. First, in an introductory paragraph, address the following establishing questions:

  1. Name of TV program, Production Company, Network. (one sentence,)
  2. Describe the basic plot and main characters and what genre the show fits or draws upon (two sentences)
  3. Name of the episode, a brief plot line (one sentence)

Next, the analysis should be organized in sections or different paragraphs that address each technique. You make use sub headings to do this.

For example:

  1. Staging.

My analysis starts here by defining the term….

  1. Camerawork.

My analysis starts here by defining the term…

Begin the analysis in each section by first using the author to define the technique. Then address a specific example the author uses. After, present the specific example from your TV show and discuss how it reveals or supports the overall narrative, genre, or style of the program.

In a final paragraph, briefly describe how this assignment and process has, or may affect in the future, the way you consume/think about television.

You may include still frames or other images from the episode to make your discussion clearer. You may also use source materials for the establishing introductory paragraph but remember, ALL INFORMATION from outside sources must be properly cited.

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