User Research on A Bathing Ape Apparel Firm & Japanese Culture Research Paper

Please Base on this file, and add content in Introduction, Trends, Interview, Recommendation and Summary. (For the interview, just create some sentences base on the content). Please add 500 words in it.

This is an example of the paper:

Here are the instructions from the professor:

Report Content/Structure

A good comprehensive user research report will:

  • Start with an overall summary of findings and then explain more by organizing findings by trends, focusing on what is most relevant to your organization/influencer/group.
  • Professionally, clearly, and directly analyze and discuss the findings of your user research. Stylistically, this report should sound objective, data-driven, and user-focused—overall, it should imitate the language of the examples provided. This report should focus on the implications of your user research for your chosen organization/group/influencer’s content strategy. Your audience shouldn’t be me, but instead your organization.
  • Use evidence (quotes from users) throughout to support your findings.
  • Conclude with preliminary recommendations for building, improving, altering, etc. content strategy based on your findings from the interviews (as well as from the content strategy analysis, if there are connections you want to make).
  • Demonstrate an understanding of effective and persuasive design principles (i.e., your report shouldn’t look like an academic paper; it needs to look like a packaged, branded report that you would give to a client).

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