Week 11 Incarceration Among Youth MMR Plan Paper

Final Project: Developing an MMR Plan

You have been working on the various pieces of your MMR research plan. Now is the time to pull these pieces together into a coherent document. By the end of this week, you will have completed all elements of your research plan that you can use as a basis for your Dissertation Proposal!

To prepare:

  • Review the Final Project Guidelines document in the Course Toolbox.
  • Review the Final Project Milestone Assignments you completed throughout the course, and think about how they can contribute to and inform your Final Project.
  • Think about how you might implement the feedback you have received throughout the course in Discussions and from the Instructor on your assignments.

By Day 7 of Week 11

Submit a 10- to 15-page research proposal based on the work you have completed throughout this course. Refer to the Final Project Guidelines document for a detailed list of the components that must be included in your proposal. This Final Project will inform elements of Chapters 1 and 3 of your dissertation proposal. Your paper must be in APA format and conform to Walden standards. Consider using the appropriate capstone template and adding narratives and other pieces in the appropriate locations.

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