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The current research that links patient safety outcomes to ADN and BSN nurses are simply stating that the quality of patient care depends on the level of well-educated nursing workforce. Research have shown that there are lower mortality rates, fewer medication errors, and positive outcomes, which are linked to nurses prepared at the baccalaureate and graduate degree levels. AACN) is committed to working collaboratively to create a more highly qualified nursing workforce since education enhances both clinical competency and care delivery. Some of the research that show a connection between baccalaureate education and lower mortality rates, and linking nursing education to patient outcomes.T he research showing that hospitals with a more educated nursing workforce have lower mortality rates and better patient outcomes. No one is saying that you, as an ADN-prepared nurse, are causing harm to your patients. Here are the facts: medication errors, hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), and other issues that lead to poor outcomes are largely due to system and its problems.This systems approach does not seek to pin blame on an individual – rather, it takes the view that minor human errors are inevitable, but become magnified in the context of poorly designed systems. And instead of focusing on punishment, the systems approach seeks to identify situations or factors that are likely to result in medical errors, and change the underlying workflows or systems of care, to reduce the impact on patients. To help correct systems errors,health careneeds more nurses that are prepared to implement solutions – and the BSN curriculum emphasizes leadership and evidence-based practice in a way that the much shorter ADN program cannot. The changes taking place in health care will eventually affect the way you practice nursing – that much is certain. For instance a recent experience which was occured in my unit. A 74yr old female patient shows delerium and dementia features all of sudden during the treatment plan. primary physician and team members behind on searching what was the reason for this occurance, One of my collegue who is working as a clinical nurse specialist and identifyies that this patient is having Tardive dyskinesia and it helped to maintain aspiration precaution. So from this experiences I strongly believe that education in nursing can prevent lot of medical errors and thus improve the outcome of patient care.In September 2013, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) released an issue of its Charting Nursing’s Future newsletter titled “The Case for Academic Progression,” which outlined how patients, employers, and the profession benefits when nurses advance their education. Articles focus on the evidence linking better outcomes to baccalaureate and higher degree nurses, educational pathways, and promising strategies for facilitating academic progression at the school, state, and national levels RNs) seeking to advance their education to the baccalaureate and higher degree levels.

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