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To meet the growing complexity of healthcare challenges, the majority of nurses will require enhancement of education to a baccalaureate level. Theories and frameworks are the foundation which guide nursing practice, education, and research. The baccalaureate education fosters critical thinking, and problem resolution, a solid base in a variety of basic sciences, and the ability to interpret and communicate data. The ADN and diploma nursing programs lack and in depth understanding of nursing theory, community health, professional development, patient education, finance and health care policy (Cherry, & Jacob, 2014). Providing exemplary healthcare is achieved by having a well-educated nursing staff. Research has documented an increase in favorable patient outcomes, less medication errors, decreased sentinel events, and decrease in mortality rates. In the October 2012 issue of Medical Care , the study correlated improved outcomes due to Magnet hospital employment of highly qualified nurses, primarily baccalaureate nurses. A recent study titled, “Economic Evaluation of the 80% Baccalaureate Nurse Workforce Recommendation,” reflected substantial decrease in readmissions and reduction in length of stay due to baccalaureate nurses delivering the majority of the care. These positive end results render a reduction in healthcare expenses and improvement in patient care. The AACN and other authorities have the belief that education profoundly influences the development of nursing aptitude and expertise. Patients are deserving of the best educated nurse. Employers are recognizing the benefits of higher level nursing education, they desire to hire the best educated entry level RN (AACN).Prior to pursuance of furthering my education to the BSN level, I felt that my 3 year diploma degree provided me with an adequate foundation to provide care in meeting patients’ needs at every level. Not long after being immersed into the BSN program, I came to realize that my 3 year education was lacking in family and community and health promotion and illness prevention; learning about cultural competence and diversity; research; management; leadership, and statistics. My personal experience is reflective of a diploma program lacking the theory and tools to provide comprehensive education for management of a new diagnosis of diabetes. The hospital where I was previously employed, had a certified diabetes educator to provide the patient with home care diabetic education. In order to be an educator nurse at this hospital, a prerequisite of at least a BSN was required. I was well versed in performing the technical skills to monitor and treat diabetes during hospitalization. I moved to the Primary Care setting, seeing many patients with new diabetes diagnoses. I had not ever provided comprehensive education for home management of diabetes for a patient with a new diagnosis. I felt inept in teaching patients about the disease process and home management. I spoke with my nurse manager, who holds a BSN degree and a certificate in diabetes education. She assisted in the gathering of patient resource and instruction material. She demonstrated the use of the home monitoring equipment and reviewed the course material with me, which instilled confidence in my additional education encounters.

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