By the end of the week, submit a topic proposal for your Negotiation Analysis Paper. The proposal (one page) should describe the focus of the paper and your method. The negotiation can be one in which you were a participant or one in which you have been an active observer. Some examples of applicable negotiations area workplace negotiation, such as a complexcontract, new position, or new salary (preferred);a complex business transaction, such as a merger or acquisition;a complex real estate purchase;a union-management contract (including professionalsportsleagues);a neighborhood group negotiating zoning concerns with a city government;a negotiation between divorcing spouses who have complex settlementissues; anda negotiation between a vendor and business over products and services.The above are representative examples of possible topics. The important thing to keep in mind in your topic selection is that the negotiation should be complex enough that you can preform a thoughtful and critical analysis in your paper using concepts learned in this course.

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