Week 5 Central Christian College of KansasWomen in Leadership Paper

Apply- Gender Free Write

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Content Requirements

The issue of leadership has been addressed in a number of your classes, so we will look at this issue from a specific I/O Psychology perspective. In an earlier chapter, we addressed the issue of diversity and stereotypes. So, in this assignment we will engage the issue of leadership and the issue of gender.

To begin, watch both of the videos below (also found within this week’s Explore section). Each shares a perspective on women in leadership and the workforce.

Balancing gender in leadership: Kristi Davis at TEDxABQWomen

Source: https://youtu.be/lLO7-bE_Mnw

Why Are We Still Talking About Women’s Issues in 2013?

Source: https://youtu.be/-4F4IVIextk

Having watched the video, you now have the chance to submit your own perspective. Using the perspectives shared in the videos and your textbook, provide your own analysis of gender in leadership. Specifically, your free write reflection should support to what extent you believe that there are gender differences in leadership.

Format Requirements

Document Type

MS Word

Paper Size

8.5 X 11″


2-3 pages




10-12 pt Times New Roman or a similar font.

Line Spacing

Double. No extra double space between paragraphs please.

Paper Structure

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • In-text Citations & Reference List Style


    File Naming Convention

    Example: DoeJohnWeek5Apply1


    After preparing your assignment in Microsoft Word, you will submit it, as an attachment below. When you are ready, scroll down to access the +File attachment area.

    Upload the file first, then write something in the input box, such as “Please see attached.” Then, you will see the ORANGE save button appear. Click the button to submit your assignment

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