week 6 Educational Awareness Value of Education in Kenya Assignment

Educational Awareness Essay

For this assignment, you will interview someone from another culture than your own. You can interview the same person you did for the Unit 2 assignment, or you may choose someone else to interview. Expect to talk with this person for around 15-20 minutes.

After the interview, you will write an essay comparing and contrasting your culture to the culture individual you interviewed. What educational values are different from their culture and what values are the same?

  • 3-4 pages in length
  • In the compare/contrast section, use outside sources or the course text to support your ideas.
  • Reference sources and format using APA

Questions for Educational Awareness Interview

  • What is the value of education in your culture?
  • What courses or subjects were emphasized during your schooling?
  • Are women and men entitled to the same educational advantages?
  • Did you have homework?
  • If so, who in your family made sure your homework was done?
  • Was it mandatory that you complete at least 12 years of schooling?
  • What’s the educational background of your parents/other siblings?
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