Who To Live Under?

In this module, you learned about many Roman emperors, and the things they did right as well as the many places they failed. Now it’s your turn. If you had a time machine, which of the following emperors would you like to have lived under? Why?

Be sure to address:

  • Why you chose this emperor
  • What is it about them/their era that you find appealing
  • Why you did NOT choose the other emperors.
    • Be brief but specific in your reasons for not choosing the other emperors (ie: I didn’t want to live under X because he was known to…) You must mention each of the other emperors individually, and give me a specific reason that shows you understand what it would be like to live under their reign.

Emperors to choose from:

  • Augustus
  • Nero
  • Caligula
  • Commodus
  • Constantine
  • Romulus Augustulus
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