Why is There a Rise in Alzheimer’s Disease?

needs to be in APA format, need at least 5 references,

Introduction paragraph needs to be at least 200 words and an overview of the paper, define Alzheimers and how it works in the brain

Burden of the problem paragraph needs to be the biggest paragraph so at least 500 words, in the paragraph talk about why there is a rise, the factors, include statistics, how it affects individuals, families, state, and government. Why is there no cure?

Treatment and Prevention paragraph needs to be at least 300 words, include treatment methods, and prevention methods. also mention those who are at risk

Funding issues paragraph needs to be at least 300 words, describe how the fundings from government and state affect treatment issues and cures. Also the amount that is spent annually, for the patient and family ,and insurance.

Conclusion: overview of the paper and the findings

below are my previous papers leading up to this, hopefully will help you get an idea of what I’ve been discussing.

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