Wk 2 Discussion Questions

Discussion #1What do you see as the most important provision in the Wagner or National Labor Relations Act?Support your view with at least one reference from the class materials.Please interact with two of your classmates.Discussion #2Is the  selection process for determining members of the National Labor  Relations Board too politicized? Explain your response. Does the current  selection process lead to instability in interpretations of the LMRA  and is so, is this a positive or negative for employers and employees  covered by the law? Explain your response and use a reference from class  materials.Please interact with at least two classmates.Required Readings:https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/laborwww.nlrb.govwww.nlrb.gov/resources/nlrb-processhttps://www.nlrb.gov/resources/nlrb-process/unfair-labor-practice-process-chart

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