Women Gender Equality Discrimination Oral Presentation Script

Once you are confident of the structure of your Final Capstone Research Paper, put the finishing touches on the accompanying Oral Presentation of Capstone Research (Scaffold Step #5). Be sure it reflects the latest findings from your research, and leads convincingly to your proposed solution!

As noted in Module 7, your presentation must:

  • Frame the selected issue within your field of study
  • Explain the significance of the issue
  • Highlight key points of agreement and disagreement presented in the literature review
  • Address the issues of diversity and ethics as they relate to your selected topic
  • Reflect a reasoned analysis of the ethical issues and competing perspectives
  • Use scholarly sources
  • Reveal your proposed solution, how you arrived at it, and possible next steps

Your presentation should reflect appropriate critical thinking and senior-level oral and written communication skills. Remember to use internal transitions to help your audience stay on track. As you practiced in the pre-assessment for oral communication, orally cite your sources as you use the information.

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